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trudon candle


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long white paper notepad with shiny red and black edge - wms&co
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gimber organic ginger concentrate in a glass bottle
hibi box of 8 incense matches and a burning mat- japanese cypress
Daiyo box of 10 mini japanese candles in bright colors
Nature First organic laundry pod in compostable bag
long matches box-red tips- black box with a drawing of a match-karen adams designs
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confiture parisienne a small white glass jar of french jam apricot lavender from confiture parisienne
takamichi hair kit. 1 plant based shampoo and 1 conditioner, with camelia seed oil. in a white boston bottle with blue logo. cruelty free. leaping bunny certified
welcome soap- japanese soap on a rope shaped as a red snaper in its pale pink and red box. tamanohada
leef room and pillow spray with cbd to promote sleep
ortigia round box of bath salts in black, gold and silver
Daiyo square japanese candle holder in beige ceramic
confiture parisienne white jar of raspberry violet jam
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confiture parisienne jar of orange kumquat french jam white
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From $50.00
From $50.00
a jar a strawberry, yuzu and tonk French jam
iron pointy candle holder by daiyo-japan
Iron Candle Holder
l'infuseur organic herbal tea in a round box- no 9 mama time-loose leaves
valerie casado small tea cup in grey porcelain imprinted with lace
a cotton pouch with bath salts, herbs and cbn to steep in  bath
ortigia liquid soap in a glass bottle decorated with palm trees. fico d'india
ortigia ambra nera bath oil in a glass bottles printed with black palm trees and leopards with its black and silver box
grey satin eyemask infused with charcoal-morihata
lord jones jar of cbd bath salts with its blue box
Organic mint green tea in a paper box from l'infuseur
hand made toothbrush protector in. glass and metal by lorenzi milano
trudon luxury candle in a green glass vessel with a gold label and its light blue box
soy wax candle from Voyage et cie. Lily of the valley, made in california, high ball size, clear glass vessel
soy wax candle from Voyage et cie. The scent is Berlin Charcoal made in california, high ball size clear glass vessel
soy wax candle from Voyage et cie. the scent is Monoi Tahiti, made in california, high ball size, clear glass vessel
flat dishes in porcelain imprinted with vintage lace. grey and white by valerie casado
cute wooden fork representing the wolf of red little riding hood. made in japan
box of purple incense stick with a blue ceramic incense order from tokyo kodo. wisteria du japon
a summer kit with a japanese hand soap from shabondama in a white and blue pump bottle, a anti itch solution to calm bug  bites and a box of 8 incense matches from hibi citronella scent. all from japan
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