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Japanese Paper Leaf Incense


The HA KO Paper Incense is a modern take on the craft, aromatic and chic. With six leaves in one pack, each leaf can be used as subtle potpourri, giving off fragrance for up to three months, or as incense that burns for approximately seven minutes while cleansing and deodorizing your space. Burning felt mat included.

Choose between three scents:

Black No. 02 Focus - Refreshing and invigorating, this scent helps improve concentration. Lemongrass stimulates the body and mind while cloves enhance feelings.

Black No. 01 Relax - Reminiscent of a quiet forest grove, this scent is perfect for deep relaxation. Vetiver relieves tension, and cypress calms the mind.

Black No. 03 Sleep - Unwind after a long day and drift into sleep with a blend of fragrances that promote peaceful slumber. Lavender calms the nerves, and cedar brings peace.

Set of 6 pieces 3.5" x 3.5. Each leaf will burn for 5-7 min.

Made in Japan

Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award

As seen In Into The Gloss


After lighting your HA KO Paper Incense, extinguish the flame and place it on the felt burner mat and onto a non-flammable surface. Do not allow it to burn unsupervised. Avoid putting in drafty areas or near any flammable materials. Before disposal, ensure that the flame is completely extinguished. Use caution when handling the flame. Do not put it in your mouth. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it for purposes other than incense.