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takamichi beauty room soft brushing asmr for chills

Creative Ways To Cool Off This Summer: ASMR

This is the time of year when summer starts becoming, well, unbearable. While longer stretches of daylight and warmth are always welcome, temps hovering around the 100-degree mark and high levels of humidity are not. But what can you do once the sweat starts trickling, leaving you perpetually clammy and uncomfortable? Thankfully, there are several clever ways to help you cool off as heat rises besides plunging into a pool or taking a cold shower.

ASMR - which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response – is used to describe the unique tingling sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli, and can take on many forms, from talking softly to having someone brush your hair. While most people associate ASMR with a calming effect and mild euphoria – that’s because the brain releases specific endorphins and oxytocin during the process – another positive side effect is how it can induce a cooling feeling.

The classic Japanese soda Ramune, for example, features a marble. In addition to helping seal in carbonation, the pleasant clinking sound in the glass can also help you feel cooler. Certain songs can also trigger a similar effect. A group of neuroscientists went as far as compiling a popular 715-song Spotify playlist of songs that embody frisson, a French term that translates to “aesthetic chills.” 

Feeling cared for, even in small gestures, can contribute to ASMR. This explains why massages can help you feel invigorated, and why someone brushing your hair & skin can lend spine-tingling goosebumps.

Other easy ways to find relief from summer’s hottest days are with skincare and wellness products. Natureofthings’ Superlative Body Balm, which incorporates zippy menthol, is like an elevated, cleaner version of Tiger Balm, while with HaKo’s new peppermint incense, you can surround yourself with a crisp, cooling aroma. But if you’re in need of instant relief from the heat, sip on some L’infuseur’s Organic Mint Green Tea over ice.

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