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TBR Duel: Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Our favorite French surfer sunscreens from SeventyOne combine high sun-protection, pleasant formulations, and respect for nature. The Eco Sun Spray and the Dry Sun Oil tick all of those boxes and are both packaged in spray bottles made from recycled plastic. The difference: one has mineral filters and the other has chemical filters, which affect the way they feel and apply. We compared them to help you find your summer sunscreen match.


If you want ultimate protection

seventy one mineral sunscreen


Type of filter –  mineral filter forms a shield on the surface of the skin that reflects back all types of UV rays.

Texture – A smooth milk that absorbs quickly and can be applied to wet or dry skin.

Tanning – Even with maximum SPF 50 mineral protection, you still get some color with this! This product contains organic buriti oil which is an antioxidant that promotes and prolongs tanning.

White cast – An obvious one. We love it because when the white fades, you know it’s time to re-apply.

Scent – Very subtle vanilla flower. There’s something nostalgic about the smell of this that we find highly addictive.

Reef-safe – Yes! No nanoparticles.

0% paraben, sulfate, silicone, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol, alcohol or petrochemical derivative, alcohol.


If you want to tan responsibly

 seventy one dry sunscreen oil spf30


Type of filter – Chemical: absorbs UV rays into the top layers of the skin and releases them before they can cause damage.

Texture – A golden oil that spreads easily and absorbs instantly zero greasiness.

Tanning – Very likely. SPF 30 is the sweet spot for tanning without burning. Seventy-one calls this their “high protection sunscreen which doesn’t compromise your enjoyment.”

White cast – None whatsoever, this golden oil sublimates the appearance of your limbs. 

 Scent – Transportive tropical jasmine tiaré. Good enough to be worn as a fragrance, sun-protection aside.

Reef-safe – Keep it to the poolside.

0% paraben, sulfate, silicone, nanoparticle, phenoxyethanol, alcohol.

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