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The Uplifting Power Of Bergamot

During these strange times when stress perpetually runs at an all-time high, natural and proven remedies are more important than ever. Though the market’s saturated with trendy, newfangled products that promise to help manage or elevate your mood, the reality is that most are built on empty promises.

This is when aromatherapy enters the picture. The practice dates back to 4500 B.C. when Ancient Egyptians incorporated essential oils into their cosmetics and ointments – Kyphi, for example, was an incense blended with 16 ingredients that famously burned in the great temples – and today, is more popular than ever.

While most essential oils smell wonderful on their own or layered with others for a more beguiling effect, a select few go beyond basic olfactory pleasure and boast more potent properties.

Bergamot is among them. Harvested from trees bearing a medium-sized citrus fruit and commonly grown in Southern Italy, its essential oil is most famous for lending Earl Grey tea a distinctively sharp flavor – imagine a cross between a lemon and bitter orange – and complex floral-herbal aroma. But, it offers psychological benefits as well.

Several studies have identified a link between inhaling bergamot essential oil and lowered salivary cortisol levels – cortisol is a naturally-occurring hormone that’s responsible for your body’s response to stress – along with increased parasympathetic nervous system activity, which helps your body to relax. In turn, the scent of bergamot helps alleviate a wide range of everyday mental health concerns, including postpartum depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

If you’re ready to incorporate the benefits of bergamot into your personal wellness routine, we recommend starting with Ortigia’s Room Essence Spray in Bergamot, which offers an instant burst of aromatherapy whenever the situation arises. Cire Trudon’s Ernesto Candle prominently features bergamot as a top note, and is perfect for burning when you’re able to spend some quiet time at home. And to elevate your next shampoo to luxurious new heights, try our Takamichi Hair Kit a plant based duo that will leave your hair soft and shiny with a light note of bergamot.

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