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summer skin routine mary allan and seventy one sunscreen

Summer Skin 101

Though summer doesn’t officially kick off until June 21, we’ve been dreaming about the season for a while now. From the longer stretches of daylight – which means spending even more time outdoors – to the lighter and brighter wardrobes, we have much to look forward to.

But what about your skincare regimen? Have you thought about updating that as well?

“While our actual skin characteristics don't change with each season, our skin has to adapt to climate changes such as more heat and humidity,” explains our favorite skincare guru Mary Allan. With that in mind, Allan recommends “shedding heavy products, which are more appropriate in the fall and winter, for a lighter routine filled with the right kind of hydration, extra sunscreen, and exfoliation.” 

So ahead, Allan shares her easy-to-follow summer skincare regimen so your complexion stays healthy and in tiptop shape for months to come.


  1. Wash with your cleanser of choice. Allan says this step is optional, and only necessary if your skin is very oily.
  1. Choose a dual-purpose water and lipid hydrator to hydrate and nourish. Allan’s pick is her Pressed Flower Milk, which contains the essential amount of water and lipids to keep your skin balanced while feeling light and hydrated. Also important: look for plant oils that are rated low on the comedogenic scale, such as argan, sea buckthorn, and sunflower seed.
  1. Are you going to be in direct sun? Then incorporate a Vitamin C serum like the Vitamin C Cold Pressed Oil, which helps fight hyperpigmentation while nourishing the skin.
  1. Daily sunscreen is a must if you’re going to be outside, even for a few minutes. Allan advises wearing at least SPF 30 for casual, everyday use, and SPF 50 or higher if you’re planning on being direct sun. At Takamichi Beauty Room we love Seventy One mineral sunscreen


  1. To remove your sunscreen and make-up, enlist the help of an oil-based cleanser. Allan’s Purifying Cleansing Oil melts away all traces of SPF and cosmetics, and effortlessly rinses off without leaving any residue behind.
  1. Gentle, regular exfoliation is key to preventing pores from becoming congested. Allan recommends her Aqua Peel, “an alcohol-free, micro-dose of multi acids that also contains hyaluronic acid for hydration.”
  1. Choose a balancing moisturizer such as Allan’s Gold Infused Rosewater & Vitamin C Cream, which contains water-based hydration along with essential lipids to keep skin comfortable and nourished.  


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