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welcome soap tamanohada

🇯🇵New Products from Old Japan🇯🇵

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These fish-shaped soap-on-a-ropes and fragrant 10-minute matches are cool contemporary novelties steeped in centuries of Japanese craftsmanship. 

Tamanohada Welcome Soap 

The Tamanohada Soap Company has been operating in Tokyo since 1892. To create the shape of the sea bream, a national token of good fortune, they use a traditional wooden kashigata candy mold. The Welcome Soaps come in three colors and scents– black (“muscovado,” i.e., brown sugar), white (lily), and red (pomegranate). Impossible to find a good omen that is visually striking AND hygienically functional. 

Hibi 10-Minutes Aroma 

Hoping to rekindle the ritual enjoyment of matches with a new generation, the octogenarian Kobe Match Company and Daihatsu Incense Corporation came together in 2011 to create a new way of enjoying the fragrance. A hybrid of the match and incense crafts of the Hyogo prefecture, Hibi 10-Minutes Aromas behave as both. Strike the match, hold it out until the flame disappears on its own, and then set it down on its “exclusive” safety mat. In 10 minutes, Hibi releases a delicate scent that lingers for hours. Come by Takamichi Beauty Room to see how they work.

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