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morihata binchotan scrub towel

Natural Deodorant Routine

What the beauty store near me say about exfoliating my armpits? We ask around to some New York beauty supply stores.
A green beauty routine sometimes needs one more step, especially when using natural deodorants. Exfoliating your armpits is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and extend your odor-free hours further. It’s a necessary step for a natural-deodorant routine. Proper care and cleansing are essential to reduce unwanted moisture and keep the natural balance of the microbiome. Sweat doesn’t smell—it creates food for bacteria to feed on, which causes the odor. Gently exfoliating a couple of times a week helps with odor by removing the buildup of dead, dull, and sometimes discolored skin cells and extends the benefits of a natural deodorant. 
Use a gentle scrub towel powered by detoxifying charcoal, like the Morihata Binchotan scrub towel (all Morihata scrubs also makes great Japanese gifts for men) dry well and follow with your natural deodorants. We love the organic deodorants from FINE, they are highly efficient and smell divine. And our go to transparent deodorants are from Salt & Stone.

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