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Shampoo ICHI.1


3 reviews
355 ml

Takamichi ICHI.1 Shampoo formulated with Camellia Oil, Essential Fatty Acids, and Plant Squalene is a true balancing shampoo for all hair types and safe for colored and chemically treated hair.

With Camellia Oil, Essential Fatty Acids, and Plant Squalene. Pressed from the flower's seeds native to Ōshima Island, camellia oil is a powerful natural workhorse brimming with skin-boosting antioxidants and fatty acids Omega-3, 6, and 9. It strengthens locks, provides a lustrous shine, and hydrates without weighing hair down. Another little-known fact is that it’s rich in plant-based squalene, a component of human sebum – making it beneficial for dry and irritated scalps. Made in Italy

NOTE: you will find TAKAMICHI products in all the bathrooms of Nine Orchard Hotel- Different packaging, same formulation, and scent.

Takamichi opted for larger bottles ( 12oz fl ) made of recycled plastic

10% off when you get the Hair Kit (Shampoo + Conditioner)


Top :bergamot, neroli, petitgrain

Middle :aquatic, orange flower, pepper

Base :cedarwood, musky, ambery


Apply dime size on thoroughly wet hair and massage scalp. Rinse. Repeat, and wait for 10 seconds before rinsing. (The biggest mistake we all make, according to Takamichi, is using too much shampoo).

The first wash removes excess dirt and grime, and the second is deep cleaning. Rub the shampoo in your hand and run them through your hair. There won't be too many suds in the first wash. The second shampoo will allow you to go more in detail, in contact with the roots, and create a real lather. Washing every two or three days is optimal for most hair types.

If you wash every day, use less shampoo or just wet hair and use conditioner.

Hair salon tip if you follow with a conditioner or treatment: after the shampoo, be sure to wring the hair well with a towel (and not just between your hands) to remove all the excess water. The conditioner will penetrate much more deeply, and its action will immediately increase tenfold. 


After 20 years of working with his clients, understanding their needs, and naturally touching their hair, Takamichi wanted to help them clear through the clutter and simplify their regimens. It took him four years to develop his line of well-crafted, everyday essentials. Featuring wildcrafted extracts created by ultrasound extraction – which yields purer and more potent benefits than steam distillation.


Water (Aqua), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl
Betaine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Fragrance, Sea Salt (Maris
Sal), Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.
Not used in the formula as such but naturally present in the
essential oils used in the formula: Hexyl Cinnamal, d-Limonene,
Linalool, Geraniol, Citral, Farnesol.


Known by New Yorkers who value individualistic, precise cuts and styling, Takamichi Saeki and the team at Takamichi HAIR have a top-performance salon showcasing the ultimate expression of Takamichi’s style and vision. Takamichi opened his eponymous salon in 1999, located at 68 East 1st Street, on the corner of 1st Avenue. With a growing, loyal following Takamichi moved the salon in 2005 to a loft at 35 Great Jones Street. In Fall 2011, Takamichi moved to 263 Bowery, 2nd floor, a modern, luxurious space designed by architect Sandra van Rolleghem and featuring a mural by Barcelona-born acclaimed artist Santi Moix.

Takamichi Saeki began his creative career as the Assistant Director of the ISE Cultural Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Soho, which supports artists and scholars whose work promotes Japanese esthetics and culture. In 1991, Takamichi opened his own gallery, Salon de Fleurs, partnering with a friend. It was this experience with understanding form and composition that helped to define Takamichi as a hairstylist. He began this second career at Siren, the Nolita salon that developed a cult following in the 1990s when Andre Balazs and John Cale were regulars.
With his line of products, Takamichi’s goal is simple. After 20 years of working with his clients, understanding their needs, and naturally, touching their hair, he wanted to help them clear through the clutter and simplify their regimens. His products are timeless, well-crafted, everyday essentials that not only ensure
good grooming now – but for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mike D
The best shampoo ever

So amazing!

Fabulous shampoo with pleasant scent

This is a really nice shampoo, liked by both me and my husband. Leaves hair in shiny condition too.

Loved it

Amazing smell and gentle cleanse - love it! B