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Single Soap


Thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying it out with Ortigia’s Single Olive Oil Soap. It can help reduce skin damage and heal your skin.

It comes in five scents based on the cultural and aromatic richness of Sicily and using only their authentic plants and herbs. Geranium is an uplifting bouquet of geranium, rose, and mint. Fico d'India is perfumed with the fresh fragrance of fig and cedar inspired by Sicily's abundant cactus plants. Florio is the clean, breezy scent of Sicily's spring flowers. Gelsomino is perfumed with the white flowers of the fragrant jasmine plant, picked in the early morning just before they open. The Jasmine Grandiflorum is historically cultivated throughout Sicily as a favored perfume. Bergamot, distinctly Sicilian, green & strong. The essential oil is derived from the crushed leaves and zest of the bergamot orange tree, citrus Aurantium Amara Bergamia.

The base of all Ortigia products is natural perfume and natural ingredients. Paraben-free; not tested on animals. 1.4oz


Founded in Sicily in 2006, Ortigia is the brainchild of Sue Townsend, the founder of Crabtree & Evelyn, but with a more Italian twist. Made by small family companies that pride themselves on the quality of their work, Ortigia offers a range of bath and body products that are made using natural ingredients, found only in Sicily. Inspired by the aesthetics, colors, and scents of Sicily, look towards the brand's collection of finely made soaps for a truly luxurious experience.