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Organic Tea Collection


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The "Collection of Teas" box combines six natural blends signed by L'infuseur for 36 tea bags. A selection of the best plants rich in tastes, flavors, and benefits. An inspiring box that reconciles pleasure and well-being.

You will find three signature teas from L'Infuseur: Mint Green Tea, Seaweed Green Tea, and Ginger Green Tea, and two of their newest white tea blends: Winter White Tea and Spring White Tea.

And a novelty: Sencha Green Tea.

All these teas come from organic farming. It is an ideal gift for yourself or all tea lovers. The bags are made of corn starch, and the over-bags are made of wood cellulose

36 bags


Box includes:


-6 sachets of Sencha Green Tea. A source of well-being, this tea from Japan has detoxifying and antioxidant properties.

-6 sachets of Mint Green Tea. You will appreciate the notes of anise, sweet mint, and marigold petals in this blend for relaxing or after a meal.

-6 sachets of Seaweed Green Tea With this blend with iodized notes, gently detoxify your body.

-6 sachets of Ginger Green Tea, A trustworthy source of antioxidants, the organic green tea from L'infuseur associated with ginger offers a blend rich in flavors that will awaken all your senses.

Six sachets of Winter White Tea With delicate notes of orange, its consumption helps to strengthen the antioxidant defenses of the skin and protects our cells against external aggressions responsible for aging.

Six sachets of Spring White Tea This tea with notes of White Tea, Rose Petals, and Poppy help regulate excess toxins in our body, particularly in our skin.

Possible presence of nuts in White Winter Tea, Green Mint Tea, Green Tea with Seaweed, and Ginger Green Tea.

Keep in a dry and cool place.


Put one bag per cup before pouring your simmering water around 167F. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes.


L'Infuser, a pioneering brand of high-end natural herbal teas, offers unique herbal and tea blends rich in taste and benefits. Discover textures, colors, and scents that reconcile pleasure and well-being. Plants & fruits in large cut, quality of the raw materials, and refinement of the mixtures, all make a subtle taste which all invites to reverie. Because turning to the essential and rediscovering meaning has become a priority today, L'infuseur recalls the importance of a return to nature and its benefits thanks to carefully selected products, French manufacture, and eco-friendly packaging that invites like a breath for every moment of the day which brings a real supplement for the soul to this drink too long associated with herbal teas from grannies or medicated decoctions.

Customer Reviews

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So grateful to have tried

I initially tried the ginger tea and loved it so much that I decided to try the organic collection. Now I am in love with the entire collection! #21 is indescribably delicious and yet each variation becomes my favorite throughout the day. This collection elevated my tea time from morning to all day.