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Marcel Eau De Cologne


While fashion may be cyclical, good taste never goes out of style. Marcel gives the time-tested Eau de Cologne style a new lease on life, accenting the classic structure with the leathery ylang-ylang, aromatic lavender, woody cedar, and earthy patchouli.

Marcel is such a classic cologne-type fragrance, and that is observable from the very first spray. It opens with a really zesty and bright citrus overture that is clear and sparkling yet has a reassuring solidity as the scent wears. The citrus is prominent but not overblown or aggressive, it’s mouthwatering and refreshing.

Marcel softens a little as it wears, and the ylang-ylang starts to melt away at the edges, particularly when it is tested on the skin and not just the blotter. It gives soft, inviting floral hints that really make the citrusy notes shine in beautiful contrast. Marcel is one of those scents that come alive on your skin.

It has a warm spiciness coming through in the heart, turning more leathery later. Lavender dances around the fringes of the scent as well and adds that classic, sophisticated nuance to what became a very pleasant herbaceous vibe in the heart of the scent.

The transition between ingredients and notes in Marcel is seamless, you can’t spot a note coming to the fore until you realize that the scent has transformed under your nose. It’s beautiful to experience and feels as if it is unfurling as you observe.

The base from the patchouli has a beautiful, restrained sweetness, but it’s never overdone. This is definitely a perfume that leaves you wanting more, in a very good way – it never overdoes anything, which makes it a delight to wear. 

The woods in the base complement the other notes, adding a rich smoothness to the composition and meaning that everything hums along beautifully together.



Top notes - Bergamot (Italy), blood orange, rosemary
Mid notes - Petitgrain (Paraguay), ylang-ylang (Madagascar), lavender (France), leather accord
Base notes - Patchouli (Indonesia), vetiver (Haiti), cedar, tonka bean


Marie Jeanne uses natural, cruelty-free natural essences in all its products. Working with Robertet perfumers, Marie Jeanne founder George Maubert – scion of a family that has been very influential in the perfume industry since 1850 – focuses on creating stripped-down, elegant compositions that emphasize the native variety of their ingredients.

Robertet is a bit like De Beers of the fine natural perfume materials - matières premières; for decades, they have been dealing with the finest, purest, and most precious stuff a perfumer can dream of. 

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