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Cone Incense


An elegant and modern take on incense from fragrance design house Blackbird. The black tins hold 20 black handmade cones each. Burm time is around 20 minutes, scents last 2 to 4 hours in a medium-size house. Choose from three different scents: Mochi, Mars, Targa, and Lone.

Mochi is a blend of tuberose and oud to the extreme. Candy-sweet flowers dance in a repetitive flutter layered over a heavy, dank oud bass. A non-stop 24-hour flower-induced dance party. 
With notes of tuberose, oud/agarwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bubble gum

Targa evokes cold incense and woods burning in the distance of frozen modern terrain. Targa harnesses earth's primal smoke and restructures it to feel fresh and contemporary in our ever-evolving world. With notes of guaiac wood, teak, oud, frankincense, black pepper, nutmeg, nagarmotha, myrrh, and vetiver.

Lone is a collection of moss specimens from the damp swampy forests of New Orleans, trapped in a box, individually tagged, identified, and accounted for. Bright and alive, damp and ancient. With notes of cedarwood, moss, African bluegrass, and fig.

Blackbird Incense 2"W x2" D x 2.75"H - 20+ cones per tin
Burn time: 20 min approx - Scent lasts 6-24 hours (medium size room)


Eleven years ago, Blackbird was a little-known design studio in Seattle’s burgeoning Ballard neighborhood. At the helm was Nicole Miller, who curated a selection of lesser-known style brands that earned the store a small but dedicated following. When the local press began to take notice and the following grew, Miller launched her own line of American-made denim. Then came home goods, accessories, and apothecary items. Pretty soon, it was national media singing her praises. Today, the company’s trademark art-meets-nature aesthetic reaches fans around the globe.


Each cone is handmade using the highest-quality bamboo charcoal and the company's unique blends of high-quality essential oils.