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new york times t mag

T's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Thank you T magazine for choosing Hibi matches to be part of your Valentine's gift guide.

"In the winter months, I tend to favor candlelight over electricity in the evenings. If I have to endure the season’s early sunsets and freezing temperatures, at least I can make it cozy (and complexion-flattering) inside. Scented candles can grow cloying after a few hours, so I prefer scented matches — they still lend a sense of occasion to lighting up, but their smell won’t linger long enough to give you a headache. The yuzu incense matches from Hibi are my favorite — the brand was created by Kobe Match Company, which has been producing matches in Japan since 1929. Each one lasts about 10 minutes, and a pad for safe burning is included in the box."

new york times T magazine hibi matches

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