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We asked Takamichi, the owner of Takamichi Hair and of one of New York best beauty supply store, about the best practice for shiny hair.

The owner of one of the most beautiful hair and beauty store near Gramercy park, and the mind behind Nine Orchard hotel luxury bathroom amenities gave us his best salon tips for shiny hair.

Cleansing: Start with double shampooing using the size of a coin each time. (The biggest mistake we all make, according to Takamichi, is using too much shampoo). The first wash removes excess dirt and grime, and the second is deep cleaning. Rub the shampoo in your hand and run them through your hair. There won't be too many suds in the first wash. The second shampoo will allow you to go more in detail, in contact with the roots, and create a real lather. Washing every two or three days is optimal for most hair types. If you wash every day, use less shampoo or just wet hair and use conditioner. We like to use a gentle shampoo, plant based that will not dry the hair.

Conditioning: Getting shiny hair comes down to the moment of application of the conditioner and getting in tune with your hair. Those with fine hair may not want to use it at all, while others may only want to apply it to the ends or put it everywhere for particularly dry or coarse hair. If you have really thick hair, don't be afraid to put on a lot. But here is the best salon tip to replicate at home: after the shampoo, be sure to wring the hair well with a towel (and not just between your hands) to remove all the excess water. The conditioner will penetrate much more deeply, and its action will immediately increase tenfold. For extra shiny hair, rinse with cold water. Try a conditioner with camellia oil to help protect and strengthen hair and scalp.

Drying: It is better to dry your hair with a hair dryer than to let it air dry. The reason is that the hair swells under the effect of humidity and is 17 times more sensitive than when it is dry. Start to dry it with a microfiber towel, then blowdry at low temperature. 

And never, ever go to bed with wet hair! 

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