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seventyone mineral sunscreen french

Cool French surfer sunscreen with integrity

Protect yourself and protect the ocean all at once

SeventyOne is a sunscreen born of surfers and made for surfers. Surfers spend a lot of time in sea and sun, wearing sunscreen. It makes sense that they should know about sunscreen, if only from the testimony of their lived experience. It also makes sense that they should have high and precise expectations from their sunscreen. SeventyOne was created to meet the practical needs and values of surfers, without harming the ocean that we all cherish.   

SeventyOne is transparent about ingredients – using only ones that benefit the skin and avoiding ones that harm marine ecosystems, like nanoparticles. Nanoparticles, found in most sunscreens, can be severely detrimental to marine life, particularly around already precarious coral reefs. Last year, Hawaii voted to ban sunscreens with chemicals that contain nanoparticles (almost all of them). If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you might want to pick up SeventyOne because you don’t have much of a choice. If you are not planning a trip to Hawaii, buying this sunscreen will give you a good excuse to plan a trip to Hawaii.

All products are manifestly “Made in France”– the savoir-faire of French labs hold their products to a standard of safety and quality that they are proud of. The Eco Sun lotions are the true surfer’s choice – they have the highest SPF, don’t leak, don’t sting eyes, are not greasy, and can be applied on wet skin without compromising protection.  If you are less pro-surfer and more pro-sunbather, the Dry Sun Oil has a more tanning-friendly SPF 30, a pleasant scent and consistency, and can be applied in your hair. Everyone can be picky about sunscreen, not just surfers!

The name SeventyOne is a reference to the always-impressive statistic that human bodies are composed of 70% water. “One” is the percentage of profits from sales that get donated to Surfrider, an organization that works broadly for ocean preservation.  We found out about SeventyOne through our own family connection to it (the owner’s nephew and his superstar pro-surfer girlfriend, Johanne Defay, are big fans and friends of the brand). By association, Takamichi Beauty Room is a friend of the cool French surfing community.

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