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A Japanese Mother's Day

A Japanese Mother's Day

MOTHERSDAY from theBEHRENS on Vimeo.

Show your Mom that you care this Mother's Day by giving her the gift of travel, no passport required. Rather than packing a suitcase, why not present your Mom with unique Japanese gifts that will take her on a visual and olfactive adventure to explore all of the flavors, fragrances, and textures Japan offers? From luxurious incense to cool Japanese gifts- Bring your Mom an unforgettable experience as she travels through Japan via her senses this Mother's Day!


Take her to Awajii Island in Japan, the birthplace of 70% of all Japanese incense, with a gift set from Tokyo Kodo. The luxury set includes a handmade ceramic holder and 90 incense sticks.
Bring her a good luck charm, a Welcome Soap. This vegan soap comes in the form of the Japanese celebratory fish, the bream! Its beautiful, delicate shape was created using a process based on the wooden mold used to make the Japanese sweet called Rakugan.
If your Mom is into meditation, she will love the Daiyo rice wax candles; they burn for 15 minutes and make a perfect meditation timer.
Make your mom time travel with a beeswax candle representing Garumon, an anime star from the 50s.
And finally, give her the scent of Japan, created by Takamichi Saeki for Nine Orchard Hotel. The subtle scent brings up innocence and a clean feeling.

Kanpai to Japanese theme gifts!


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