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Herbal Tea No 4 Tonique


Boost your energy and alertness with the Tea No 4 Tonique! It is an herbal tea that does not lack punch for a day full of energy. It combines citrus fruits with mint, ginger, ginseng, and spices. Drink hot or cold.

Made with sweet mint, orange peel, ginger, lemon peel, cinnamon, green mate, ginseng, and cloves.

Come loose: 2.8 oz or in Tea Bags: 15 bags per box


To appreciate the benefits of this infusion, put 1 sachet per cup then add your simmering water, ideally at 95 ° C / 203 F. Leave to infuse for 7 min. This mixture is delicious in cold or latte versions. Here are several possible preparation methods: - Hot infusion that you let cool before putting in the fridge - Cold infusion for 2 to 3 hours before refrigerating - Fresh infusion on the rocks: pour the hot infusion into a large glass of ice cubes - Latte infusion with ½ cup of hot infusion and ½ of soy milk (or other) heated over low heat with a little agave syrup. Froth the milk before pouring it into the cup.


L'Infuser, a pioneering brand of high-end natural herbal teas, offers a collection of unique herbal and tea blends, rich in taste and benefits. Discover textures, colors, and scents that reconcile pleasure and well-being. Plants & fruits in large cut, quality of the raw materials, and refinement of the mixtures, all make a subtle taste which all invites to reverie. Because turning to the essential and rediscovering meaning has become a priority today, L’infuseur recalls the importance of a return to nature and its benefits thanks to carefully selected products, French manufacture, and eco-friendly packaging. -designed. Infusions like a breath for every moment of the day which brings a real supplement for the soul to this drink too long associated with herbal teas from grannies or medicated decoctions.