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Japanese Lacquered Plate Animal Drawings


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These small dishes are made using the traditional Japanese lacquer "urushi" technic. The company Isuke has been producing "Urushi" for over 180 years, at times challenging traditions with new colors and shapes.

The dishes come in six different colors and six animal drawings hand painted.

-Orange with a bunny

-Green with a cat

-Midnight blue with an owl

-Turquoise with a sleeping cat

-Yellow with a dog

-Red with two birds

Each comes in a black box.

⍉ 3.93" / 10cm
Weight: 1.4oz

AS SEEN IN New York Times


Isuke was founded in the late Edo period. The company has produced the natural material of lacquerware -such as purified lacquer and lacquerware - for over 180 years.
They have gained wide popularity in the market, incorporating design and functions that match modern life well.
They make contemporary tableware following historical techniques.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ann Heinemann

laquer plate was fine - glad to have it.