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Ceramic Essential Oil Burner


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A one-of-a-kind essential oil burner by THR-Ceramics. A South Korean ceramic studio run by two ceramic artists. A functionally and aesthetically valuable piece. The ceramist focuses on the ceramic's shape, texture, and colors as a utilitarian ornament.

We adore the Dogabi series by ceramist master Hyung Jun Kim; they make us smile and look stunning. * Dogabi is an old Korean word meaning goblin.

Place a standard tea candle inside to heat and disperse essential oils. 

Note: Allow enough time after use to let the ceramic cool before touching it. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always place items with a candle or incense on. suitable surface, away from flammable objects.

Essential oil goes on the top of the ceramic.

Size: around 115 x 90 x 130mm (4”52 x 3.54” x 5”11) 1.6lb

Material: Ceramic / Clay Developed in THR Studio

Method: Wheel Throwing, Sculpt, Pierced decoration

Kiln Temperature: 2231F, Oxidation Firing, Glaze


The story of Dogabi passed down from ancient times was told that Dogabi, who had mysterious power as a god, appeared in different forms and brought luck or punishment to humans. They frighten humans with weird faces, playing mischievous tricks on humans with childlike innocence, giving an abundance of life with a generous smile. * Dogabi is an old Korean word meaning goblin. By capturing these characteristics and facial expressions of the Dogabi in humorous and formative ways, the Ceramist Hyung Jun Kim strives to create the Dogabi series with subtle and extraordinary colors that only ceramics can produce. The one-of-kind Dogabi ceramic crafts represent diverse faces of the Dogabi, created by the artist's imagination.


THR Ceramic is a creative ceramic studio run by two ceramic artists in South Korea since 2003. They have developed their own branded ceramic products, such as functional artworks for daily use and one-of-kind sculptures that are unique and collectible. In the hope that pottery work will be more approachable to many people, they strive to share their stories and artworks with the world to show their passion and enthusiasm for ceramics.
The Dogabis are the work of HYUNG JUN KIM
Hyung Jun is a Korean ceramic artist interested in functional and sculptural works. After obtaining his Master in Fine Arts Ceramics at the National University of Technology in Seoul, Korea, he has been running THR-Ceramic studio since 2003, developing his works and teaching ceramic skills. Inspired by human figures and emotions, Hyung Jun emphasizes attention to the details such as colors and textures created by serendipity as a method to create unusual glaze effects.

Customer Reviews

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Jen R
I love this ugly little fella

He greets me with his gold teefs as I walk in the door, since his home is at the end of my entry hall, on a throne/occasional table made of twisted acacia. A friend of mine lmsaid he makes her laugh.

Dogabi for ever:)