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Un Deux Trois Soleil Eau De Parfum

50 ml

Un Deux Trois Soleil evokes the radiant warmth of a childhood afternoon. Almond, vanilla, heliotrope flower, and benzoin will remind you of familiar scents - the scent of long holidays, a lovely trip to a library of old books with a bag of chewy toffees... A mischievous scent that you will have on the tip of your tongue. It’s a pretty and likable scent that doesn’t take itself too seriously and definitely, brings a smile to even adult faces.



Top notes: bergamot, pink pepper, grapefruit.

Heart notes: bitter almond, heliotrope, incense.

Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin.


Natural ingredients (95%):

Bitter almond - prunus amara kernel oil
Benzoin - styrax benzoin gum
Bergamot - citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil
Virginia cedar - juniperus virginiana oil
Texas cedar - juniperus mexicana oil
Ciste Labdanum - cistus ladaniferus oil
Incense essence - olibanum oil
Resin incense - olibanum resinoid
Tonka bean - dipteryx odorata bean extract
Grapefruit - citrus paradisi peel oil
Pink pepper - schinus terebinthifolia seed extract
Absolute vanilla - vanilla planifolia fruit extract
Vanilla bean extract - vanilla planifolia fruit extract
Organic wheat alcohol Synthetic

ingredients (5%):

Ambroxan (wood, ambergris)
Amyl Salicylate (chamomile, hay)
Cashmeran (musk, wood)
Coumarin (tonka bean)
Dihydro myrcenol (fresh floral, lemon)
Ethyl trans-2,cis-4-decadienoate (pear,
Ethyl vanilin (vanilla)
Ethylene brassylate (musk)
Hedione (fresh jasmine)
Heliotropin (heliotrope)
Hexenyl cis-3-hexenoate/cis-3 (pear, tomato leaves)
Methoxybenzaldehyde/para (aniseed)
Vanillin (vanilla)


Bastille creates beautiful unisex fragrances with 95% natural ingredients and no additives. More importantly, they are 100% transparent on their ingredients: a true revolution in the world of fragrance, which is still considered a trade secret. Sustainably made in the south of France, our fragrances have won a Fragrance Foundation Award for "best responsible innovation in fragrance".