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Body Scrub Mitt


A handy exfoliating glove designed for deep exfoliation. This handy mitten is roughly textured to exfoliate and revitalize your body in the shower. The all-natural Sasawashi fabric is made from absorbent washi and deodorizing kumazasa plant fibers that prevent mildew growth and fiber breakage. Both sides feature a pilled coarse, sand-like texture that is ideal for buffing away calluses from areas like feet and elbows. Designed for intensive weekly use, this mitt softens when exposed to warm water and features a corner accent loop for hanging dry after use. Made in Osaka, Japan.

Length: 7 ¾" Width: 5 ½"

For a gentler scrub try the Mesh Body Scrub Towel.


Surface: Washi paper, kumazasa fibers
Lining: Polyester, polypropylene
Piping: Linen, cotton


Machine wash in a net with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.


Sasawashi is a new fabric woven by twisted Washi yarns that are blended with Kumazasa. Combining them creates natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties. The simple designs are a result of an emphasis on comfort and natural feeling while using the products.