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Glass Plate


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ceramicA new addition to Cire Trudon’s series of objects, two glass plates welcome Mynott’s spirited illustrations. The small plates with a felt at the bottom, are ideal for displaying scented candles or jewelry. Through the glass, the humoristic drawings mirror the stories behind Cire Trudon’s iconic candle, like Ernesto’s cigar and the scent of fresh tobacco leaves. We also like Carmelite very much; look out for a sister wearing sunglasses in the religious crowd! A decorative take on Cire Trudon’s art de vivre.

The glass plates come in the luxurious Trudon box.

Diameter: 10,5cm / 4,13 in


Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon is the oldest candle manufacturer globally, and each votive is still dripped and made by hand. Referencing its rich and storied history, the brand creates enchanting scents inspired by biblical passages, kings, revolutionaries, and the Château de Versailles – where it once provided light for the courts of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.