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takamichi ichi liquid soap and body lotion 9 orchard


Product type
shabondama  pump bottle of hand soap from shabondama. white bottle with a blue handprint. made in japan
Bubble Guard Hand Soap

1 review
From $17.00
kinkan box anti itch liniment
onsen saru japanese magnesium bath salts in a pouch. label has a drawing of a monkey in a hot spring
fine organic deodorant pink and peach boxes- cedar bergamot- vetiver geranium
Natural Deodorant

1 review
takamichi skin kit including 1 bottle of body lotion  soothing and hydrating and 1 bottle of body soap nourishing and hydrating. takamichi hair
Skin Kit ICHI.1

1 review
welcome soap- japanese soap on a rope shaped as a red snaper in its pale pink and red box. tamanohada
ortigia glycerin soap, honey color, and its metallic black and gold gift box ornated with a leopard-orange blossom-zagara- sicily
Single Glycerin Soap

1 review
cicada shaped marseille soap on a rope from fer a cheval
Cicada Pure Marseille Soap on Rope

1 review
takamichi natural body lotion pump bottle
ortigia oval soap pink next to its metallic pink and silver gift box-geranium
ortigia liquid soap in a glass bottle decorated with palm trees. fico d'india
seventy one sunscreen spf 30, dry sun oil for bosy and hair, spray bottle made in france
marvis tube of toothpaste classic strong mint. green and silver packaging
SUWADA nail nippers, clippers in steel
sasawashi scrub towel-exfoliator-japan
sasawashi body exfoliating mitt from japan
metal tube of natural hand cream from evolvetogether
bamboo toothbrush with plant based bristles small head
savonneries bruxelloises triple mill bar soap black roses
organic roll on deodorant vetiver geranium from fine
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body scrub towel infused with charcoal to exfoliate the skin from Morihata. Made in Japan
ortigia bergamot bath salts envelope gold, silver and green. stripes and leopard
andree jardin wood and natural bristles body brush
Travel Toothpaste
From $9.00
natureofthings nourishing body lotion in aluminum tube
hydrating body cream organic in white metal tube evolvetogether
wooden body brush with long handle
ursa major natural stick deodorant
spray tube of mineral body sunscreen spf 50 from seventy one. ocean safe by french brand seventy one
organic hand cream in aluminum tube yuzu
Hand Cream
ortigia ambra nera bath oil in a glass bottles printed with black palm trees and leopards with its black and silver box
ortigia beautiful box of 9 glycerin soaps in bright colors. the box is green with a drawing of a carriage.
ortigia round box of bath salts in black, gold and silver
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evolvetogether individual pouch powder handsoap
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