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Small Flat Plate


Casado’s ceramic bodies are covered with lace decoration and seem to be glazed with sugar icing. The delicate ceramic flat dishes are imprinted with vintage lace. They are dried slowly in free air, then over 10 hours, twice placed into a hot oven, and finally glazed with dove grey and white that showcases the embossed print underneath.

The flat dish is the bottom one in the last photo. Cups and raised plates are sold separately.

Kindly note as Valerie hand produces all of her work there will always be variations, please use the images indicatively as glazes can vary and so will variances in the final product and finish. This is the beauty of artisan handmade ceramics.

Ø around 8”


Each of Valérie’s pieces is formed organically by hand, working with vintage objects, lace, parsley, buttercups, and wildflowers to form beautiful, unique patterns. Created from either unglazed baked porcelain or terre rouge, each of Valérie Casado’s pieces brings a touch of modern whimsy and French charm into your home. Valérie Casado’s ceramic works are lead by instinct and intuition allowing her hands to guide her through the artistic creation of each piece.  Originally from Bordeaux, Valérie studied ceramics at the cultural centre in Pernes-les-Fontaines and now enjoys Provence life from her atelier in the heart of the Vaucluse. Her unique porcelain stamped serving pieces fetch upwards of $495 for a single piece, due to their fine, handcrafted nature.