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Rayon Vert Eau De Parfum


Basil, immortelle and anise seed. Rayon Vert evokes a wild spring, an explosion of sunny life. Citrus fruits mingle with unexpected green notes of basil, anise seed, and fennel. It's the wind of freedom you've been waiting for since 2020!

Spray bottle 50 ml.

Made in France


Top notes: basil, anise seed, blackcurrant bud, neroli
Middle notes: angelica, caraway, fennel, chamomile
Base notes: immortelle, sandalwood, cedar


Your perfume is 95% natural ingredients. It has been formulated to respect your skin. 

The formula is short: it contains 36 ingredients. A classic perfume can contain up to 300 ingredients, while only mentioning its potentially allergenic ingredients on the label (usually less than 10).

Each of its raw materials has been chosen by its perfumer Caroline Dumur:

Natural ingredients (95%):

Angelica -angelica archangelica oil
Mugwort -artemisia vulgaris oil
Basil - ocimum basilicum var basilicum
Bergamot - citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil
Cedarwood - juniperus virginiana wood oil
Sandalwood - santalum spicata wood oil
Blackcurrant buds absolute - ribes nigrum absolute
Chamomile - anthemis nobilis flower oil
Lemon -citrus limon peel oil
Fennel - foeniculum vulgare var dulce oil
Caraway seeds - carum carvin seed oil
Anise seeds - pimpinella anisum oil
Immortelle absolute - helichrysum italicum absolute
Neroli - citrus aurantium flower oil
Organic wheat alcohol

Synthetic ingredients (5%) :

Ald aa triplal (green, grass)
Allyl amyl glycolate (fresh, pineapple)
Ambroxide (wood, ambergris)
Canthoxal (anise)
Cedramber (cedar, ambergris)
Cedrol (cedar)
Dodecenal, trans-2 (clean, tangerine peel)
Ethyldecadienoate/cis-4 trans-2 (green, pear)
Glycolierral (green, grass)
Helvetolide (musk)
Hexenol/cis-3 (green, green tea)
Hexyl acetate (green, pear)
Ionone alpha (iris, violet)
Ionone beta trans (iris, violet)
Jasmone cis (jasmine)
Lauric Aldehyde (clean, tangerine peel)
(green, violet)
Methoxy benzaldehyde/para (anise)
Methyl benzyl acetate/alpha (green, gardenia)
Methyl dihydrojasmonate (fresh jasmine)
Oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-one (musk, ambrette seed)
(green, leaves)


Bastille creates beautiful unisex fragrances with 95% natural ingredients and no additives. More importantly, they are 100% transparent on their components: a true revolution in the world of fragrance, which is still considered a trade secret. Sustainably made in the south of France, our fragrances have won a Fragrance Foundation Award for "best responsible innovation in fragrance."