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long red paper notepads with gold edge - wms&co


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long red paper notepads with gold edge - wms&co
Long Edged Notepad
$ 701.00
hand made toothbrush protector in. glass and metal by lorenzi milano
Toothbrush protector
$ 3,604.00
wooden spoon shaped as an owl, made in japan
kokeshi cat wood doll from japan.
Wooden Cutlery
$ 401.00
lacquered japanese small wood plates in bright colors urushi
porcelain flower vase imprinted with lace by valerie casado
japanese hand towel in cotton royal blue and white circles tenugui
Furoshiki Cotton Towel with tomatoes
christmas decoration glitter mushroom papier maché ino schaller
New in
Ino schaller papier mache pig with gold glitters