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trudon scented candle in a dark green glass vessel with a gold label. light blue box
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bottle of parfum aer cedar ginger
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Accord No.04 Parfum
scented candle alfredo's cafe by la montana in white vessel
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dragon candle beeswax photerian
ortigia eau de parfum ambra nera spray. black, gold and silver box with a leopard. square glass bottles printed with black leopard with black lid.
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ortigia ambra nera candle in a square vessel with black printed palmtrees in a square box black, gold and silver
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ortigia ambra nera perfume oil
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a paper box of mask sheets anti aging and moisturizing for the face from orgaid.
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shampoo bar in black cardboard box from savonneries bruxelloises
mary allan glass bottle of aqua peel micro  skin exfoliant with glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid
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ortigia beautiful box of 9 glycerin soaps in bright colors. the box is green with a drawing of a carriage.
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astrum beauty face oil
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Astrum Beauty Oil
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dental floss in paper box
bamboo toothbrush with plant based bristles small head
Bamboo Toothbrush

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clean fragrance from bastille unisex patchouli ginger bataille
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wooden body brush with long handle
ortigia sicilia bath oil pomegranate
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ortigia bergamot bath salts envelope gold, silver and green. stripes and leopard
body scrub towel infused with charcoal to exfoliate the skin from Morihata. Made in Japan
grey satin eyemask infused with charcoal-morihata
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mary allan clarifying face oil for in a black bottle with white label. blemish
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rose blush notebooks set of two with cotton bow
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natureofthings metal tube of body and scalp exfoliating cream
andree jardin wood and natural bristles body brush
takamichi natural body lotion pump bottle
sasawashi body exfoliating mitt from japan
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body wash in bottle salt and stone
Body Wash
shabondama  pump bottle of hand soap from shabondama. white bottle with a blue handprint. made in japan
Bubble Guard Hand Soap

3 reviews
From ¥1,600
kinkan box anti itch liniment
Bug Bites Relief

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confiture parisienne, french gastronomic jam in white jar - carrot and passion fruit jam
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Daiyo square japanese candle holder in beige ceramic
Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

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