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Twig Razor


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For a sustainable and comfortable shave, use this single-blade razor from Leaf. Twig razor is an all-metal razor that has a fixed head design tool and is created to be gentle on your skin to deliver a smooth shave. Its re-imagined design makes single-blade shaving accessible through tight spots and crisp edges. It is even far safer to use even in intimate areas.

Then don't forget to display your Twig razor proudly on your countertop with its convenient stand. Designed with helpful features like an embedded rubber foot so that it stays in place.

Zero plastic


Tight spots and crisp edge shave


Loading the Blade: Open the blade holder by turning the bottom handle clockwise. Load a single-edge blade into The Twig, then secure the blade by twisting the bottom handle counterclockwise until it is finger-tight.


The Leaf Shave Company was founded by two Adams who desire to infuse true product innovation into shaving technology. Both come from complementary backgrounds in engineering, product development, and business with the necessary skills and track record to successfully bring a product like the Leaf razor to market.