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ortigia ambra nera candle in a square vessel with black printed palmtrees in a square box black, gold abd silver
ortigia eau de parfum ambra nera spray. black, gold and silver box with a leopard. square glass bottles printed with black leopard with black lid.
a luxurious bar soap on a gold glass plat from ortigia. with a gold box printed with a leopard
ortigia beautiful box of 9 glycerin soaps in bright colors. the box is green with a drawing of a carriage.
ortigia ambra nera bath oil in a glass bottles printed with black palm trees and leopards with its black and silver box
ortigia round box of bath salts in black, gold and silver
ortigia bergamot bath salts envelope gold, silver and green. stripes and leopard
ortigia blue tin box with five square glass plates
ortigia decorated candle. round vessel printed with green and gold leaves, with its box. lime scent
ortigia signature scent in a glass bottle printed with black leopard and its green, gold and black luxurious box. fico d'india
ortigia florio round candles in a decorated glass vessel and box
ortigia glyceryn soap on a square glass plate printed yellow and green representing leopards, and its gift box gold, silver and yellow. zagara, orange blossom
ortigia gift tin box with five round glass plates
ortigia hand cream in a silver tube and gold and silver box. zagara-orange blossom
ortigia large round gold glass plate printed with leopards and palm tree
ortigia large square glass plate, gold and green representing leopards and palm tree
ortigia liquid soap in a glass bottle decorated with palm trees. fico d'india
ortigia red candle in a metallic red glass vessel in a red, gold and black gift box
ortigia room essence- spray glass bottle and its metallic green, gold and silver gift box-bergamot
ortigia glycerin soap, honey color, and its metallic black and gold gift box ornated with a leopard-orange blossom-zagara- sicily
ortigia oval soap pink next to its metallic pink and silver gift box-geranium
ortigia spray perfume in a glass bottle printed with black leopards and its gold and silver box. zagara-orange blossom