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Quai 4 Eau De Cologne

CHF 73.00

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A more modern take on classic colognes, La Compagnie Marseillaise Colognes are inventive, dynamic, and relevant. Quai 4: A delightfully unexpected spin on the traditional gourmand fragrance, Quai 4 entices with a bevy of delicious notes like red fruits, fig, and vanilla. But don’t worry: the overall effect is more far more savory than sweet, thanks to the inclusion of clove, amber, and patchouli. Consider wearing this on a date, or anytime you plan on getting close with someone you love.


La Compagnie Marseillaise is a distinctive perfume company that marries the old and new, and evokes being in France’s most beloved destinations. Founded by Jean-Pierre Brunet in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, these Eau de Colognes are unisex, presented in glass bottles, and ideal for everyday casual wear.