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Japanese Paper Incense Single Leaf

CHF 7.00

The HA Ko Japanese Incense Single Leaf is a beautiful and delightfully aromatic addition to any space. The individually packed incense is a great way to introduce yourself to the modern way of the craft.

Choose between :

No. 01 Spicy Jasmin - The queen of floral fragrances, Spicy Jasmine creates an air of mystery and adds a touch of drama.

No. 02 Agar Wood - One of the most traditional incense materials, Agar Wood eases stress while cleansing your space.

No. 04 Sandalwood - With its mature, noble, and slightly musky appeal, Sandalwood increases focus and promotes introspection.

No. 07 Green Grass - This scent is verdant, mossy, and earthy. Burning one is like meditating in a forest temple.

No. 08 True Aqua - With notes of fleur de sel and freshly laundered linens, True Aqua is clean, bright, and pure.

Summer, Linden - Light a Linden leaf and drift through the branches and among the flowers of this scent’s namesake tree.

Summer, Peppermint - The piquant scent of Peppermint clears the mind with a blend of mint leaves and Japanese blue oak.

Dimensions: 3.5" L x 3.5" W. The leaf will burn for 5-7 min.

Made in Japan

Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award


After lighting your HA KO Paper Incense, extinguish the flame and place it on the felt burner mat and onto a non-flammable surface. Do not allow it to burn unsupervised. Avoid putting in drafty areas or near any flammable materials. Before disposal, ensure that the flame is completely extinguished. Use caution when handling the flame. Do not put it in your mouth. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it for purposes other than incense.