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Colored Candles Four Seasons Set

CHF 105.00

A beautiful set of 24 hand-poured Japanese candles, divided into four boxes depicting the four seasons. The Coloured Candles Set revolves around the concept of remembering and recalling. The 24 colors are grouped and allocated to the appropriate scene or memory. Candles are made with 100% rice bran wax, a byproduct of rice milling. These candles are sustainable, vegan, and gentle to the planet and people.

Each candle burns for 20 minutes. Four boxes of six candles each. Candles measure 3" tall.

Candleholder not included on each set. Fit a Daiyo ceramic candle holder.

Handmade in Japan by Daiyo, a small family-owned candle maker that has been in operation since 1914.

Vegan - Zero Plastic


DAIYO with a hundred years of history is committed to making genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax. This point is very important and is the identity of the genuine Japanese candles that DAIYO is proud of making.