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bloomberg beauty review


Everything you always wanted to know about eye creams, their action on wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness right here in Bloomberg Beauty.

7 creams tested by a crack team of wrinkly, puffy journalists on a 24-hour news cycle and one of them is exclusive at Takamichi Beauty Room.

Phytoquant Solavie De-Stress Eye Contour Cream
”Colostrum—the first milk a cow produces after giving birth—is the heroic ingredient, with its nourishing and healing properties, but the addition of aloe vera, argan oil, lavender, ginger, and cucumber extracts gives it multi-action heft.” Bloomberg

Solavie De-Stress Eye Cream” has gentle repairing properties and stimulates cellular renewal. While gentle and hydrating on healthy skin, it also has powerful healing properties on damaged skin. It helps reducing bags and dark rings under the eyes for a bright and youth effect. Solavie is made with natural ingredients, has no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no hydrocarbons and no synthetic fragrances.

Natural beauty at its best.


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