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BODY & BATH - Body Soap Scrub & Moisturizer

takamichi natural body lotion pump bottle


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takamichi natural body lotion pump bottle
takamichi skin kit including 1 bottle of body lotion  soothing and hydrating and 1 bottle of body soap nourishing and hydrating. takamichi hair
sasawashi exfoliating mitt from japan
welcome soap- japanese soap on a rope shaped as a red snaper in its pale pink and red box. tamanohada
savonnerie de nyons- exfoliation soap on a rope
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fer a cheval oval marseille soap on a rope
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leef oraganic body scrub in a glass jar
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large body brush in dark wood, natural bristles by andree jardin
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a round off white stone for body polishing
natureofthings metal tube of body and scalp exfoliating cream
andree jardin wood and natural bristles body brush
a luxurious bar soap on a gold glass plat from ortigia. with a gold box printed with a leopard
ortigia glyceryn soap on a square glass plate printed yellow and green representing leopards, and its gift box gold, silver and yellow. zagara, orange blossom
ortigia liquid soap in a glass bottle decorated with palm trees. fico d'india
a summer kit with a japanese hand soap from shabondama in a white and blue pump bottle, a anti itch solution to calm bug  bites and a box of 8 incense matches from hibi citronella scent. all from japan
sasawashi scrub towel-exfoliator-japan
ortigia oval soap pink next to its metallic pink and silver gift box-geranium
ortigia glycerin soap, honey color, and its metallic black and gold gift box ornated with a leopard-orange blossom-zagara- sicily
ortigia beautiful box of 9 glycerin soaps in bright colors. the box is green with a drawing of a carriage.
cicada shaped marseille soap on a rope from fer a cheval
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andree jardin wood and natural bristles nail brush