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Organic Ginger Concentrate


7 reviews

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Gimber is primarily an organic premium ginger concentrate spiked with lemon, herbs, and spices to make your tastebuds tango.

Gimber gives you a unique taste experience that can easily replace any alcoholic beverage thanks to its full-flavored nature and spicy bite. In the kitchen, it can also be used for sauces, marinades, and baking, and is an excellent overall complement to any culinary creation.

Choose between Gimber Original and Gimber Brut. With 50% less sugar, some premium yuzu and lemon thyme, BRUT is the new organic ginger concentrate on the GIMBER scene.

200ml. Ideal for 15 servings.

700ml. Ideal for 55 servings

Glass Bottle



Shake and dilute in flat or sparkling water, hot or cold, for an everyday healthy drink. You can serve it as strong as an espresso or as diluted as a longo. Up to your taste. Store in a cool, dry place.

NOTE: You might have sediment in the bottle. The sediment is what gives POWER to your GIMBER! It's ginger residue AND proof that the product is 100% organic! No preservatives or flavor enhancers are used. Gimber made the choice not to use emulsifiers or filter the product. This also means that with every production, the sediment may look a bit different. All you have to do is shake it.


Organic ginger, organic cane sugar, organic lemons, water & organic herbs.

Nutritional Information:
Portion Size 10 g
Energy - kJ 599 per 100g / 60 Per Portion
Energy - kcal 141 per 100g / 14 Per Portion
Fat (g) 0.2 per 100g
Fat of which Saturated (g) 0.2 per 100g
Carbohydrates (g) 34.5 per 100g / 3.4 Per Portion
Carbohydrates of which Sugars (g) 33 per 100g / 3.3 Per Portion
Fibre (g) 0 per 100g
Protein (g) 0.42 per 100g
Salt (g) 0.025 per 100g


As a contemporary art freak and animation series producer, Dimitri’s weekly schedule was packed. He dreaded attending yet another event where they served bad wine or sugary soft drinks. That’s when Dimitri started looking for a drink that could spice up his taste buds, without making his head spin. Since he couldn’t find one, he created it himself. He tried all kinds of combinations and ingredients. Until one day in November 2017 all these ingredients came together in a miraculously satisfying mix. "I felt like Willy Wonka, only without the crazy kids.” Every weekend Dimitri made himself a personal bottle. Soon friends forced him to make bottles for them as well. His wife served it to her clients in her decoration store and GIMBER became a local success. Some people drove fifty kilometers or more to buy a bottle. In an online world, that’s saying something about commitment. It wasn’t all sunshine, smiles and soda, but soon people with positive vibes started joining the project and together they built today’s GIMBER team. And guess what we’re so proud of? We heard that our Belgian long haul pilots drink GIMBER to stay sharp (and sober). We wonder how many successful holidays GIMBER contributed to.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cathy Berger
Love its Bite!!

Yummy, healthy and spicy!! This store and its owner are fabulous!

James Logue
This store is just fantastic

Ordering went smoothly.
Following the tracking went smoothly.
The calls I made to the store went smoothly, and the folks were extremely helpful and friendly.
I got my product on time, and in great condition.
This is now my go to place.
I would highly recommend shopping here.
The people and service so far is flawless.
Peace and thank you so much.

Marchelle Bailey


Bob Petrello
Great Ginger Drink

I highly recommend the Brut Gimber. Less sugar and a great taste. I’ve mixed it with tequila, rum and vodka so far. Add fresh lime

Tamika Brannum

Really glad I found a local source since this product is mainly sold in Europe. It’s a wonderful base for any drink I make!