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trudon candle


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dogabi coffee hand dripper in porcelain. looks like a goblin with round eyes and gold teeth
CONFITURE PARISIENNE french gastronomic jam in white jar. chestnut and pear jam
confiture parisienne, french gastronomic jam in white jar - carrot and passion fruit jam
Blackbird handmade cone incense Mochi in pink metal box
Tamagawa Gogumi Sencha powder green tea box
Annon powder instant green tea, sencha in a box
a large pillar candle, unscented and vegan, natural color by ann vincent
geometric sculpted candle. .large square base with a small round shape on the top. soy wax, unscented the candle is made in belgium by ann vincent
ortigia large round gold glass plate printed with leopards and palm tree
trudon luxury candle in a green glass vessel with a gold label and its light blue box
organic green tea with seaweed from l'infuseur in a paper box
daiyo 20 candles gift box inside view
ortigia decorated candle. round vessel printed with green and gold leaves, with its box. lime scent
daiyo set of 6 small tapered colored candles in rice wax
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dogabi handmade ceramic tall flower vase, light blue and gold representing a goblin. one of a kind ceramic from south korea
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