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Sencha Toubeto Instant Tea


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The Sencha Toubeto instant powder tea comes from the Tamagawa district, Japan, from the tea plantation "Toubeto," blessed with fog, water, and soil. The tea leaves are ground into a delicate powder that mixes easily with water. (Like matcha tea) The refined and mellow taste and delicate sweetness are in harmony, and the refreshing and fresh scent reminiscent of new green stands out.

Because it is a stick type, you can easily enjoy this delicious tea full of healthy ingredients anytime, hot or cold.

1.5g x 8 Sticks


Hot: Open one stick and pour 250-300 ml of hot water. Stir well and enjoy.

Cold: Open a bag of sticks and pour 450-500 ml of water. Add ice, shake and enjoy.


The small tea-producing area "Tamakawa" at an altitude of 350m, upstream of the Abe River in Shizuoka City, Japan, is the birthplace of Annon. A clear stream flows like weaving through the mountains, and in the land where the soil is fully moisturized, the soft morning mist rises and gently envelops the tea plantation. Tamagawa's tea grows in a soft and rich green color by slowly accumulating nutrients and growing buds in the sunlight shining through the morning mist. The first tea used in annon is full of refreshing aroma and tasty flavor. Established in 1959.