What’s in Our Opera Bag

The Metropolitan’s 2019/20 Opera season opened this week. Because Operas can be so emotionally charged, you don’t want to be encumbered with a lot of stuff. Takamichi Beauty Room recommends five green beauty essentials, plus enough bar money for several intermissions.


1.     Vintage opera binoculars. Necessary if you are seated in the Dress Circle or beyond and want to read expressions as well as subtitles. The thrill of getting to use these justifies a season subscription.

2.     A CBD Gummy. One or two of these will give you calm focus to keep you receptive through curtain. The Lord Jones packaging is appropriately operatic, as not to offend your seatmates.

3.     Mini vial of botanical perfume. It is never nice to be seated next to a badly perfumed person, or a badly unperfumed person. Control your olfactory environment with an inoffensive warm unisex fragrance like this Cedar one from AER.

4.     Lip product of choice. A color if you want or a zero-waste lip balm from Shea Brand. The important thing here is that you have something to “touch up” in the ladies’ room during intermission(s).

5.     A pretty purse to carry those around in. As tiny as possible and preferably made of velvet, silk, feathers, chainmail, or a tasteful combination.

Lord Jones, Aer Scents and Shea Brand lip balm

Lord Jones, Aer Scents and Shea Brand lip balm