Product of the Month: Weldental ChewTabs.

A zero-waste alternative to traditional toothpaste at Takamichi Beauty Room.

Bite tab, chew to paste, and brush normally. The novelty doesn’t wear off. It may take a couple of times to get used to this paradigm shift in your oral hygiene routine, but once you do, it is hard to go back to traditional toothpaste. Weldental chew tabs come in four flavor varieties – whitening mint, peppermint, vanilla mint, and our favorite, bubblegum. The main cleansing ingredient is xylitol, not fluoride. Xylitol is a carbon sweetener that starves harmful bacteria (the kind that causes tooth decay) without disturbing the balance of healthy bacteria in your mouth. The result is a clean feeling that doesn’t make your mouth feel antiseptic and cold like your Colgates and Crests. But really, the best reason to give these a try is for the peace of mind, knowing that another tube of toothpaste will not outlive you in a landfill. The initial 60 tablets come in a glass bottle with a metal cap (plastic-free) with 90-day refills available in recycled paper sachets.

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