Alternative Hostess Gifts


If you have good social graces, and a moderately-charged social calendar, you are (hopefully) familiar with hostess gifts. You are probably all too familiar with the same ones. Unfortunately, decorum does not inspire much creativity in this area. Allow Takamichi Beauty Room to suggest alternative hostess gifts. Best case – the host(ess) will appreciate your taste and thought. Worst case – your gesture will at the very least be memorable.

Instead of flowers…

Sculptural candles. Patrick Coard’s candles are practical art objects. The wax is so meticulously textured, carved, and adorned that it would be unrecognizable as a candle, were it not for the wick. These come in various sizes, and at various price points according, all of them striking and precious. If beauty is subjective, these candles are the exception.

 Instead of lame gift-shop soap…

Versace like soaps. Ortigia soaps are a delight to use and to look at– translucent colorful bonbons housed in shiny packages decorated with gilt leopards and palm trees. The gift set of 9 soaps is an exceptional hostess gift, a much-enhanced box of sweets, one whose beauty and aroma have the power to uplift and transcend every time the box is opened. For something cheaper in price but not in deed, Ortigia offers single soaps accompanied by a decorated enamel soap dish.  

Instead of Wine…

CBD gummies & chocolates. 

Lord Jones’ packaging is so elegant and fine that it eliminates any crunchy associations CBD may have, turning its casual gumdrop consumption into a decadent indulgence fit for a lord or lady. Not as predictable as bringing wine and not as unpredictable as bringing edibles, somewhere perfectly in between. Lord Jones gummies come in the orange box and chocolates come in the green, choose one or both for the gifts that keep on giving. In this case, your host might thank you again a couple of weeks later.

*None of these products are heavily packaged in plastic, in the TBR spirit of green beauty.

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