Cards and homemade trinkets are not enough, unless you are U-13, Mother’s Day is for superficial indulgences.

Mother’s Day is the best holiday for gifting because it has the lowest stakes and the highest success rates. Since it is more of a symbolic festivity, it doesn’t carry the pressure or expectations of birthdays. Since (most) mothers are unconditionally easily pleased by their children, they will be happy with anything you give them. Cards and flowers are nice but supplementing those with a little parcel is better.

Pampering gifts, and green beauty,  are always thoughtful – you are recognizing how much your mother indulges you by encouraging her to indulge herself.

Takamichi Beauty Room is brimming with attractive gift options your mother has probably never seen before.

The Tried & True  

Perfumes and candles are semi-automatic Mother’s Day presents. Ours get some variation of this every year. For a wearable fragrance, this new musically-inspired perfume from France is subtle and warm on both men and women. The Lilac Wine eau de parfum from Art Meets Art is sweet & heady”.

Nice-smelling Novelties

For a home fragrance the Ortigia square candles Fico d’India smell like Sicilian summer. And our unusually-presented Japanese candles are delicate in scent and appearance. They are also sustainable – the vessels come with inserts (one for the wooden, several for the brass) which you can then repurchase as desired.

 Pretty Solutions for Practical Problems

To cure common maternal ailments (fatigued/over-extended/in need of hip replacement), these gifts are functional but also good-looking and fun to use. Instead of (or in addition to) wine, a CBD gummy. Instead of a nap or a coffee, an energy-inducing ampoule. Instead of an Advil, a highly-effective pain-relieving balm.

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marie saeki